Friday, July 19, 2013

Discovering Acadia National Park

Wow - neither words nor pictures can describe the beauty of Acadia National Park.  We are having such a fabulous time here!

We have explored so much of the park and surrounding area and I know that if I try to do a post on every hiking trail, scenic drive, bike ride or any other touristy activity we do, I'll be forever behind in this blog.

So, in an effort to catch up, I'm going to try to squeeze in the past 2 weeks into one blog.  :-) We have biked over 30 miles of carriage trails and have hiked over 35 miles of hiking trails. And these aren't "flat" miles...these are miles biked with steep grades (and none on streets or pavement), or hiked over granite rock, near cliffs, up (and down) hundreds of stone stairs.   We have learned a new term....peak bagging. This is what one does when you reach the summit of a mountain you have climbed!  So far, we have bagged quite a few peaks including Beech Mountain, Cadillac Mountain, Bubble Rock, Gorham Mountain, and Conner's Nubble.  We're not exactly sure what a nubble is but the views were fantastic!!

We have picked wild Maine blueberries, relaxed in the campground pool, and enjoyed an outing to the Maine Lumberjack show.

Here goes....the past 2 weeks or so in pictures!!

Schoodic Peninsula

Foggy morning bike ride
Biking with Nancy and Bill
We enjoy seeing the horses on the carriage roads.

You never know who you will run into on the carriage roads!  Surprise - it's David and Sherry!
Babbling brook - perfect location for a picnic lunch.
What the heck are they looking at???
Ohhh...the massive amount of rocks - sure hope there's not a landslide as we ride by!!
Dan hiking the North Ridge Trail of Cadillac Mountain.  The rock formations are cairns used to guide hikers.
Foggy hike up Cadillac Mountain

We were so high, fog was beneath us!
Sometimes you just have to "butt" hike!

View from Conner's Nubble

Coming down from the Nubble!
Beautiful views from the shore
Watching lobsters being unloaded.
Bass Harbor Lighthouse

Hiking the North Bubble Trail
Syl and I contemplating our next move.
Dan at Bubble Rock
Bill and I "butt" hiking; Syl and Nancy pushing Bubble Rock
Bill and I giving each other "high fives".  We both have a fear of heights!

Syl and I hiking the rockslide.

Dan and Bill at the "point of return"!!
The Bubbles in background; Jordan Pond in the foreground.
Girl power at the lumberjack show!

Log rolling

Yep - we've been busy!  And, I didn't include pictures from the whale and puffin boat tour that I went on with Gin, Syl, Pam and Nancy!  Plus - we all enjoyed a Lobster Boil coordinated by friends Karen and Al.
That'll be the next post!

Life is good.


  1. You did a fabulous job of fitting 2 weeks into 1 blog! What a great time you all are having!

  2. Great Catch-up!!! I am just going to "Ditto" your blog;o)) Just think we still have lots of time to create more memories:o)))

  3. Wow what a great summary. I think I need to learn to do this. Your pictures are really terrific. You guys have done an AMAZING amount in this beautiful place.

  4. Is that ALL you've done??? What a bunch of lazy slackers... :cD

  5. Great recap! So happy you all are having such a great time!

  6. I'm reading this blog and gawking at the beautiful pictures while I sit in my office in S.C. Jealous!

  7. As beautiful as your pictures are...and they are...they are really a reminder of the sheer beauty of this place. Nice wrap up.

  8. That is a perfect wrap-up of the time so far! Maine is just beautiful. You all have such great smiles on your faces :)

  9. Always wanted to see a log rolling contest! Once again, your pictures are out of this world gorgeous. Your butt's getting a workout with all that butt hiking, huh?!!