Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Chillin' in Cedar Key

We've had a busy couple of weeks since we've been back in Cedar Key.

Our friends Dave and Tina invited us out on their boat for an outing on the Suwanee River.  We put in at Fowler's Bluff and went about 18 miles down the river to the town of Suwanee.  It was a cool, blustery day but it was mostly sunny and a great day to be on the water.

Dave, Tina, and Dan looking out at the Suawanee
Dave and Tina's puppy, Harley, went with us as well.
Yep - he is a puppy!
Harley is a Bernese Mountain Dog and is 11 months old.  The last time Tina weighed him, he was 109 lbs and they expect him to be about 125 lbs when fully grown.    He is such a cutie!

Our friends Charlie and Dot invited a group of us over to their site for happy hour one night.  They make a great homemade pizza that is grilled and is quite tasty!
Charlie giving pizza lessons to Marty
Ready to go on the grill!
Mat, Paul, Charlie and Marty
The dough is actually started with a poolish and it sits overnight (or all day) before the rest of the ingredients are added to it.  The pizza is cooked on the grill on a stone and the crust is thin, crunchy, and delicious.  Several pizzas were made but my favorite one was made with pesto as the base with thinly sliced prosciutto and mozzarella on it.  We had quite the group eating pizza but I was too busy laughing and enjoying the afternoon/evening and didn't get many pictures!
Chef Charlie
It was a great night with great friends!  Thanks again guys!

Life is good!!