Friday, November 8, 2013

Island Time!! - Part One!

Late last year when it was cold and yucky outside, I was dreaming about somewhere warm (last time I did this, we ended up on a cruise with my sister Cathy and BIL Bruce!).  This time, the planets must have been aligned just right because there were openings at Curry Hammock State Park in Marathon, FL for 2 weeks! I sent a quick email out to friends, and BINGO!, we all had reservations.   Curry Hammock is a wonderful, small state park and we were able to get all 5 sites together.  Three of us (Dan and I, Bruce and Laura, and Gin and Syl) snagged waterfront sites with Bill and Nancy and Gail and Rick right across the street from us.

Group picture!
Nancy, Rick, Gail, Gin, Bruce, Bill, Syl, Tricia, Dan, Laura 
The past 10 days have been filled with so much laughter and fun.  We've floated in the Atlantic (the water temperature is still very comfortable), paddled in the mangroves, biked the Overseas Heritage Trail and the Coco Plum Bike Path, went on a deep sea fishing tour, walked part of the old 7-mile bridge in Marathon, watched the iguanas and kite boarders, played games, gathered coconuts, spent Halloween in Key West, celebrated a birthday, watched sunrises (including an eclipse!) and sunsets, and just enjoyed hanging out with the group.
 View from our site  
This little iguana came to our site when we were eating lunch!
Kite boarders at Curry Hammock SP
Dinner with friends at "Two Friends" in KW
You see all kinds of interesting sights in KW
Acting silly in KW 
Sunset - Halloween 2013
Sunset in KW
Beautiful colors at sunset in KW
Rick at "his" place with a photo bomb by a random girl!
Eclipse Nov 2013
Launching the boats - is that a paddle in Nancy's hands?!!
Floating along....Bruce and Laura's rig is on the left; ours is on the right.
Going into the mangroves
and under the bridge!
Iguanas are everywhere!

Please Pawpaw Bill, can we have this too?!!
Stay tuned for part two from Curry Hammock SP!