Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Time flies.....

when you are having fun!  As much as I try to keep up with this blog, life sure does get in the way!  ;-)

March sure was a whirlwind month....

We had an awesome block party at the park...
Cliff and Charlie 

Mat and Marty

Rod and Tammy

Mo and Mack
Dan, Vel, and Maggie
Mack and Paul
and had a group outing to Kanapaha Botanical Gardens in Gainesville.

Part of the Cedar Key group!
There were some beautiful sights....

We celebrated St Patrick's Day with a HUGE feast at the clubhouse.  Tina and Charlie volunteered to cook the briskets and boy were they yummy.  We had over 50 people for dinner that night!

A few days later, I flew back to NC to help my Mom and Dad for a few weeks.  Mom had surgery and needed some TLC!  While there, I got an added bonus!
Me, son Brandon and DIL Amanda  
SIL Jenny and brother Patrick 

Patrick and Sammie
Nick and Sammie
Mom, Patrick, Sammie and Nick
Me and my "baby" brother!
Now I'm back in Cedar Key and catching up with friends and riding my bike!  We also have a craft session every Tuesday morning and I have learned how to knit and crochet!  Those items  have been on my "to-do" list for years!!!

We only have a few more weeks here before we start heading North.  Time sure has flown by this winter!