Sunday, October 25, 2015

Family visit!

In early October, my sister Cathy and her husband Bruce came to visit us. They stayed in a rental unit in the park instead of in town and it sure was convenient.   They were only here for a few days but we sure did manage to fit in a lot of FUN!!

We went on a bike tour in town....

Dan and Cathy on the boardwalk at Cemetery Point Park
Dan and Bruce went fishing in the Gulf one day....and brought us back dinner!  

Before and after!  Notice the picture of the fish on Bruce's phone!
While the guys were out on the water, Cathy and I walked all over town.....

Mermaid Cathy!
An appropriate sign!
We went to the Rainbow River....this was Cathy and Bruce's first time paddling on a spring-fed river. It was a long way up to the head of the spring so Dan utilized his kayak-puller-toter!

Capt Dan with Cathy and Bruce
and when things got a little quiet, Bruce decided to amp things up...
Surfin' the Rainbow!

Cathy enjoying the scenery at the head of the spring

Bruce and Cathy
Bruce mesmerized by the water
We enjoyed a nice picnic lunch on the river and then headed was a slow float so we decided to have a Chinese fire-drill on the water...

Bruce as the Captain; Dan in Bruce's kayak...Cathy thinking we are crazy!
Now I am in the Captain seat but Dan is steering from Bruce's kayak!  Bruce is where I normally sit...and, Cathy still thinks we are crazy!
We enjoyed some down time at the park, too.  We had a nice campfire one night and learned that Bruce can communicate with the owls!  They would hoot and then he would answer.  This went on back and forth for quite awhile!  Bruce also learned what happens when he puts skid marks from his bike on our concrete pad....
Yep - you have to scrub them out with a toothbrush!
The last night that Cathy and Bruce were in Cedar Key, we had pizza and pier time!  We picked up pizza at the local pizzeria and headed down to the pier.  Gin and Syl joined us and we had all had a great evening.
Another beautiful Cedar Key sunset
Dan, Syl, Gin and Bruce at the pier
Dan and Syl
Birds and the Honeymoon Cottage
Another gorgeous Cedar Key sunset
Cathy and I

We so enjoyed Cathy and Bruce's visit and sure hope they come back to see us again!  Thanks guys for a wonderful time!

Sunday, September 20, 2015

PA and NC - Family and Friends!

We were back in PA for about 10 days to visit some more and finish up a few projects.

It’s always good hanging out and there is never a shortage of things to do!

We had birthdays to celebrate
Happy Birthday Hunter!

Bikes to ride
Never dare Dan!
Nephews to see….

Play time!
Landon with toy trucks

and Landon with toy trucks!

Hunter and Caden
We have a blast with Dan's nephews!

We left PA and started heading south to NC.  We decided to make Shenandoah River State Park our half-way overnight stop.  I also had a feeling that Gin and Syl were there (no cell signal!) and figured we would surprise them.  And surprise them we did!  They had left for an all day visit with friends Sherry and David and didn’t get back until late that night.  Oh well - at least we had a little bit of time to catch up before we continued our travels.

We arrived at Korkie's Campground in NC and chuckled when we saw yet another big "Welcome Home" sign.  Kork never forgets to make us one!  After a few days at Korkie's Campground, I headed down to my parents house.  I was to be my mom's nurse while she had knee replacement surgery. However, at the last minute, that had to be postponed.  So, never to miss an opportunity to hang out with my parents, I stayed down there 10 days.  I helped them with a few projects around the house, fixed a few meals, and sewed and put together puzzles with my Mom.  Not too many pictures as they kept me quite busy!  :-)

Dan and his "Maine" dinner!  No pics of the blueberry pie!
Mom and one of the puzzles we did!  This one drove us crazy!
When I got back from my parents, we visited with friends and with Brandon and Amanda as well. We shared a few meals with them and Dan helped Brandon with some "bird prevention installation devices".  Brandon and Amanda had some birds that nested in their eaves in the Spring and they wanted to make sure that they wouldn't be back.  Problem is now solved!

Our last night in NC, we had a blast with Brandon, Amanda, and Kork.  We laughed until we cried at our silliness.   Don't ever leave your camera unguarded as your adult kid will hijack it!

It was a great way to end our visit to NC - sure do wish Ashleigh was there to join in our festivities (she is in Colorado)...but, she was there in spirit for sure!

We headed South (albiet a bir early!) and are now settled in Cedar Key for the winter.  I am now "work-camping" at the park 3 days a week.  I keep telling Dan it's to support my addiction!  (FABRIC!)   

Life is good!

Wednesday, August 12, 2015


Yes, I am (again!) way behind on our blog.

In August, we were in Vermont...another one of our favorite states.

We had reservations at Prouty Beach Campground in Newport, VT.  It is a county run facility and we were lucky enough to get sites on a bluff.  The sites are HUGE!  Probably the biggest we have ever seen in our travels thus far.  We were treated to gorgeous views as well as sunsets!

Dan and Gin enjoying a campfire

View from our campsites (albeit stormy!)

Love this picture of our fristers Gin and Syl!!

Gorgeous sunset
Fiery sky

There is a very nice bike trail that runs through the campground, to the city of Newport on one side and to Canada on the other!
Gorgeous views on the way to Canada

Three Amigos

View to the campground from trail across the lake
 Gin and I had been working on a puzzle...we finally finished it while we were in Newport...
Cake pop puzzle
Back when we were in PA, Dan and I had picked up some "Smart Tiles" to install in the rig.  We had a rainy day while we were in Vermont and decided to undertake this project!

I really like the look and, since they are not glass nor ceramic tile, there is virtually no extra weight.

Soon we were on our way to southern Vermont for a stay at Greenwood Lodge and Campsites.  It is a small family run facility and is really nice!

Fall?  In August?
We went out car-hiking one day and ended up getting ice cream and 1/2 gallon of maple syrup. We were also scouting out places for Syl, Dan and I to hike. All four of us walked a little bit of the Appalachian Trail and saw some of the impromptu campsites. Yes - this got me more intrigued!   .

Syl, Dan and I decided on which AT hike (Harmon Hill) we were going to do and set out one morning.  It wasn't a long one but the description of the hike was a little un-nerving......"1000 ft ascent in less than 1/4 mile".  Yikes!  Well, we would take it slow and see how it went!

Up, up, up

Syl on the boards

Looking down on Bennington, VT

Thumbs up!

Only 557 miles to Katahdin (northern terminus of the AT)!

and 1563 from Springer Mountain (southern terminus of the AT)!

Dan in the blackberry bushes (yes this is the trail!)
This small (in miles!) section of the AT sure did get me thinking.  And, where there is a will, there is a way!

Our summer travels had now come to an end.  We left Gin and Syl with hugs and "see you in Cedar Key".  We were going back to the farm in PA for a bit before we head to NC....

Stay tuned!

Friday, August 7, 2015

More Maine!

We had an easy travel day to Sunset Point RV Park in Lubec, Maine.  The location of this park is fantastic….right on Johnson Bay.  The sites are quite tight but the views make up for it!

We had a fantastic week exploring the area.  We had “Tea with Eleanor” at Campobello Island.  It was very neat to see the drastic change in tides - about 20 feet in Johnson Bay. We explored some of the carriage roads of Roosevelt’s summer property.  Dan, Syl, and I hiked a few trails including a hike to East Quoddy Lighthouse that is only accessible at low tide.  It was neat walking “under the sea”.  Gin, Syl, Dan and I went to West Quoddy State Park and toured the lighthouse museum and watched the sunset.

We also took a day trip to Eastport and visited Raye’s Mustard.  Syl and I sampled goodies at Monica’s Chocolates (oh my they are delish!).  We searched for “treasures” at low tide - tons of sea glass could be found! We also picked more blueberries!   But perhaps the most interesting thing we did was see the “reversing falls”.
Mulholland Lighthouse

Seals loved to play in the harbor when the tides were changing

Hey Bill - your "iceberg" is still floating
Easternmost point in the US - West Quoddy Lighthouse

Dan and his cairn....

and holding up West Quoddy Ligthouse
More of Maine's gorgeous coastline

Very cool trails

Happy hiker!
Peek a boo!

Sea caves are cool!

Lots of sea urchins

West Quoddy at sunset 
Looking across to Grand Manan Island, Canada

Roosevelt's summer cottage on Campobello Island 

I never tire of looking at the coastline of Maine

Check out the size of this lobster claw - HUGE! 

So much stuff washes up on shore here

West Quoddy peaking behind the trees

Eagles are so majestic
Roses were in bloom and smelled so nice

Sparkplug Lighthouse

Low tide

East Quoddy Lighthouse at low tide

There are a series of ladders and bridges to get to the lighthouse

Seaweed covered rocks...under the sea

Lighthouses are so neat

Dan and I at East Quoddy Lighthouse

Marks where the water level changes
Syl "under the sea" looking for treasures

Birds and seals

This guy had no fear of us!

Reversing Falls - pictures just don't do it justice!

We watched this for hours...waited until the tide changed direction

From Lubec, we headed to Pejepscook Campground in Dixfield, ME.  It is a small, family owned campground  and we needed a place to stay for the weekend.  The owners are very friendly and made us feel right at home.  They are building a log home for themselves so that they can stay there year round.  They gave us a tour of it and It is very cute!  They had told us that there was a beautiful spot about 30 minutes away and, that if we had time, it would be worth the drive.  It was called “Height of the Land”. The views were gorgeous

Each day, four billion gallons of water from 7 lakes flow to the ocean via the Androscoggin River. Wow!

Love this saying that was on one of the information boards

Bye bye, Maine!  See you next time!