Friday, August 7, 2015

More Maine!

We had an easy travel day to Sunset Point RV Park in Lubec, Maine.  The location of this park is fantastic….right on Johnson Bay.  The sites are quite tight but the views make up for it!

We had a fantastic week exploring the area.  We had “Tea with Eleanor” at Campobello Island.  It was very neat to see the drastic change in tides - about 20 feet in Johnson Bay. We explored some of the carriage roads of Roosevelt’s summer property.  Dan, Syl, and I hiked a few trails including a hike to East Quoddy Lighthouse that is only accessible at low tide.  It was neat walking “under the sea”.  Gin, Syl, Dan and I went to West Quoddy State Park and toured the lighthouse museum and watched the sunset.

We also took a day trip to Eastport and visited Raye’s Mustard.  Syl and I sampled goodies at Monica’s Chocolates (oh my they are delish!).  We searched for “treasures” at low tide - tons of sea glass could be found! We also picked more blueberries!   But perhaps the most interesting thing we did was see the “reversing falls”.
Mulholland Lighthouse

Seals loved to play in the harbor when the tides were changing

Hey Bill - your "iceberg" is still floating
Easternmost point in the US - West Quoddy Lighthouse

Dan and his cairn....

and holding up West Quoddy Ligthouse
More of Maine's gorgeous coastline

Very cool trails

Happy hiker!
Peek a boo!

Sea caves are cool!

Lots of sea urchins

West Quoddy at sunset 
Looking across to Grand Manan Island, Canada

Roosevelt's summer cottage on Campobello Island 

I never tire of looking at the coastline of Maine

Check out the size of this lobster claw - HUGE! 

So much stuff washes up on shore here

West Quoddy peaking behind the trees

Eagles are so majestic
Roses were in bloom and smelled so nice

Sparkplug Lighthouse

Low tide

East Quoddy Lighthouse at low tide

There are a series of ladders and bridges to get to the lighthouse

Seaweed covered rocks...under the sea

Lighthouses are so neat

Dan and I at East Quoddy Lighthouse

Marks where the water level changes
Syl "under the sea" looking for treasures

Birds and seals

This guy had no fear of us!

Reversing Falls - pictures just don't do it justice!

We watched this for hours...waited until the tide changed direction

From Lubec, we headed to Pejepscook Campground in Dixfield, ME.  It is a small, family owned campground  and we needed a place to stay for the weekend.  The owners are very friendly and made us feel right at home.  They are building a log home for themselves so that they can stay there year round.  They gave us a tour of it and It is very cute!  They had told us that there was a beautiful spot about 30 minutes away and, that if we had time, it would be worth the drive.  It was called “Height of the Land”. The views were gorgeous

Each day, four billion gallons of water from 7 lakes flow to the ocean via the Androscoggin River. Wow!

Love this saying that was on one of the information boards

Bye bye, Maine!  See you next time!


  1. Summer in Maine is hard to beat! Love the rocky coast.

  2. Summer in Maine is hard to beat! Love the rocky coast.