Thursday, August 6, 2015

Acadia National Park - part III of III

Whew - this has been a ton of pictures!

David performing for us

Michelle and Peg

Never a dull moment at campfire!

Darlene and Doug

Taking a break on the trail

Dan and I in the fog

Doug in Anemone Cave

Dan as our "pack mule" toting 6 chairs!

Schoodic Peninsula - however you pronounce it - it is beautiful!

Waves crashing...

and crashing...

and even more crashing!

Yep - we spent hours here!

Another view of the Porcupine Islands

Fog rolling in

on top of Cadillac Mountain

Tim and Ann - Cadillac Mountain
Amazing views

Lobstermen checking their traps

Dan and Tim at the water's edge

Cairns on a log

Northeast Harbor

And I thought I liked only sandy beaches!

Gorgeous clouds

Tim and Ann at Schoodic Peninsula

Me and my fristers!

Mom and Dad - you will enjoy these guys soon!

We will be back to Acadia National Park - just not sure when!


  1. You just can't get enough of Acadia!!! So glad you finally got to see the crashing waves at of my favorite memories. Isn't it amazing how quickly a month goes when you are in such a special place!!! Thanks again for posting all these great photos...keep having fun:o))

  2. Amazing scenery. How lucky you guys are. As for the lobsters---if Dad doesn't want his, I'll take care of it. Can't wait to see you.

  3. Special place with lots of special friends. It's all about making wonderful memories.