Thursday, August 6, 2015

Acadia National Park - Part II of III

I knew that I had a lot of pictures…thought I could do this in 2 posts but…..figured what the heck…make it 3 posts!
Foggy morning hike

Smiling and hiking

Picking blueberries

Making sure we are on track
What a group!

Bill and Nancy

Great place to enjoy lunch

In the gorge

We had some chilly nights!

Hiking is better with chocolate chip cookies!

Lunch at Jordan Pond House 
Syl strumming her birthday ukulele

Sharon and I rock scrambling

Favorite hike - but oh so challenging!

Crossing the rockslide
No shortage of fog

The rocky coast of Acadia National Park

Painter capturing a coastal scene

Cairn in the fog - not a real trail marker - just one someone built! 

Syl and cairns....

which came tumbling down!

Look closely - Anemone Cave

Dan and Syl relaxing cliffside

Now here's my kind of cave!
Dan, David, and Bill coming up with a plan

What a view!

David, Dan, Bill and Sharon on top of Penobscot

David, Darlene, Syl, Nancy, Bill, Dan, Tricia, and Doug

Another group of happy hikers!
Doug, Darlene, David, Bill and Dan
Nancy coming down the boulders

Another view of a cairn and the Porcupine Islands

Nancy and Doug on a carriage road

Cobblestone Bridge

Mossy forest

Final blog about Acadia National Park coming soon!


  1. I will NEVER, EVER, EVER get tired of looking at all these photos!!! Just so many wonderful times with some truly special friends:o)))

  2. With so much beauty, I understand your difficulty choosing which photos to post. Thanks so much for sharing your adventures in Acadia. Someday I will get there!