Sunday, October 25, 2015

Family visit!

In early October, my sister Cathy and her husband Bruce came to visit us. They stayed in a rental unit in the park instead of in town and it sure was convenient.   They were only here for a few days but we sure did manage to fit in a lot of FUN!!

We went on a bike tour in town....

Dan and Cathy on the boardwalk at Cemetery Point Park
Dan and Bruce went fishing in the Gulf one day....and brought us back dinner!  

Before and after!  Notice the picture of the fish on Bruce's phone!
While the guys were out on the water, Cathy and I walked all over town.....

Mermaid Cathy!
An appropriate sign!
We went to the Rainbow River....this was Cathy and Bruce's first time paddling on a spring-fed river. It was a long way up to the head of the spring so Dan utilized his kayak-puller-toter!

Capt Dan with Cathy and Bruce
and when things got a little quiet, Bruce decided to amp things up...
Surfin' the Rainbow!

Cathy enjoying the scenery at the head of the spring

Bruce and Cathy
Bruce mesmerized by the water
We enjoyed a nice picnic lunch on the river and then headed was a slow float so we decided to have a Chinese fire-drill on the water...

Bruce as the Captain; Dan in Bruce's kayak...Cathy thinking we are crazy!
Now I am in the Captain seat but Dan is steering from Bruce's kayak!  Bruce is where I normally sit...and, Cathy still thinks we are crazy!
We enjoyed some down time at the park, too.  We had a nice campfire one night and learned that Bruce can communicate with the owls!  They would hoot and then he would answer.  This went on back and forth for quite awhile!  Bruce also learned what happens when he puts skid marks from his bike on our concrete pad....
Yep - you have to scrub them out with a toothbrush!
The last night that Cathy and Bruce were in Cedar Key, we had pizza and pier time!  We picked up pizza at the local pizzeria and headed down to the pier.  Gin and Syl joined us and we had all had a great evening.
Another beautiful Cedar Key sunset
Dan, Syl, Gin and Bruce at the pier
Dan and Syl
Birds and the Honeymoon Cottage
Another gorgeous Cedar Key sunset
Cathy and I

We so enjoyed Cathy and Bruce's visit and sure hope they come back to see us again!  Thanks guys for a wonderful time!


  1. It seems to be true that you do not need a lot of time to have a lot of fun:)

  2. Good to hear from you and know that all's well and you are enjoying life!!! What a fun time with Bruce and Kathy...that was a BIG fish the boys caught;o)) Keep having fun and hope all's well with mom!!