Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Time to play catch-up (again!!)


What a busy, busy, busy 2+ months!  It has been a whirlwind for sure.

In late October, I flew to NC to help my parents out.  Mom had knee replacement surgery in mid-October and my sisters Barbara and Cathy helped out the first two weeks.  But, Mom needed some extra TLC so  I spent three weeks pitching in.  When I wasn’t driving them around or tending to their needs, I put Mom’s sewing machine to good use.  I got a lot of projects completed.

From mid-November to early December, I was back in Cedar Key.  I’m still working in the office three days a week.  It is “crazy fun”.  I was warned about the kinds of questions people would ask but was still quite surprised to hear some of them.

No ma’am we don’t have piranhas in the park.
Yes ma’am we have do mosquitos/snakes/alligators (insert word of your choice!).  This is Florida.
No ma’am you won’t be swimming in our pool with 3000 of your closest friends.

Dan has worked on and completed quite a few projects around the lot.
New paint on the boat - inside and out!

Storage Shed - aka "Taj-ma-Hut"

Smoke Shack
I flew back to NC for a week earlier this month to celebrate Christmas with my kids, parents, sisters, and their families.   And, As a bonus, I got to hang out with my bestie Linda one night.

As usual, it was great seeing my kids and I really enjoyed spending time with them.  Ashleigh and I had a “museum day” in downtown Raleigh.
Fun times with Ashleigh
We enjoyed seeing the exhibits at the Museum of Natural Science, the Museum of History.  We had a picnic lunch on a bench and people watched.  That’s always entertaining.

We drove to the coast to my parents house for the “Voyce Family Christmas” gathering.   There’s never a dull moment and plenty of chaos and laughter!
No Mom - those aren't boob holders but bowl holders!  

Bingo Fun!  Ciara, Bryan, Ashleigh and I

More Bingo fun!  Bruce and Barbara

Sisters!  Me, Barbara and Cathy
Playing Molkkey

Brandon and "Corduroy".  He has had this bear for 25+ years.
Amanda, Brandon, me, and Ashleigh

Santa came for a visit!
Present time!  Amanda with her snowman wall-hanging I made

Ashleigh LOVES her quilt

Dad, me and Mom
The rest of December was spent hanging out with friends and having fun.  We had a HUGE turn-out for our parks Christmas dinner….about 120 people.  We started the morning out with mimosas and ended with a yummy dinner.

Motley Kitchen Crew!
Syl, Vel, Gin, Maggie, Lesa, Joey and Dan
New Year’s Eve we had some friends (Gin, Syl, Lesa, Joey, Maggie, Vel, Doug, Darlene, Marcella and John!) over for munchies and a campfire.  A great time was had by all.

Gin and Dan

Fire log man!  Provided by Doug

Lesa and Maggie having fun

Vel, Gin and Dan goofing off

Joey, Syl and Marcella 

Gin and Syl

Dan, Lesa, Vel and Gin

Here's hoping that I keep this blog more current in 2016!  Happy New Year!!


  1. Happy New Year! Little warm for a campfire but we'll have lots of cool days too.

  2. WHEW....you were a little busy!!! Looks like you had a lot of fun;o))

    Have a Happy New Year and lots of fun adventures!!!

  3. Happy New Year! Looks like you have been busy! Here is to a great 2016!