Sunday, September 20, 2015

PA and NC - Family and Friends!

We were back in PA for about 10 days to visit some more and finish up a few projects.

It’s always good hanging out and there is never a shortage of things to do!

We had birthdays to celebrate
Happy Birthday Hunter!

Bikes to ride
Never dare Dan!
Nephews to see….

Play time!
Landon with toy trucks

and Landon with toy trucks!

Hunter and Caden
We have a blast with Dan's nephews!

We left PA and started heading south to NC.  We decided to make Shenandoah River State Park our half-way overnight stop.  I also had a feeling that Gin and Syl were there (no cell signal!) and figured we would surprise them.  And surprise them we did!  They had left for an all day visit with friends Sherry and David and didn’t get back until late that night.  Oh well - at least we had a little bit of time to catch up before we continued our travels.

We arrived at Korkie's Campground in NC and chuckled when we saw yet another big "Welcome Home" sign.  Kork never forgets to make us one!  After a few days at Korkie's Campground, I headed down to my parents house.  I was to be my mom's nurse while she had knee replacement surgery. However, at the last minute, that had to be postponed.  So, never to miss an opportunity to hang out with my parents, I stayed down there 10 days.  I helped them with a few projects around the house, fixed a few meals, and sewed and put together puzzles with my Mom.  Not too many pictures as they kept me quite busy!  :-)

Dan and his "Maine" dinner!  No pics of the blueberry pie!
Mom and one of the puzzles we did!  This one drove us crazy!
When I got back from my parents, we visited with friends and with Brandon and Amanda as well. We shared a few meals with them and Dan helped Brandon with some "bird prevention installation devices".  Brandon and Amanda had some birds that nested in their eaves in the Spring and they wanted to make sure that they wouldn't be back.  Problem is now solved!

Our last night in NC, we had a blast with Brandon, Amanda, and Kork.  We laughed until we cried at our silliness.   Don't ever leave your camera unguarded as your adult kid will hijack it!

It was a great way to end our visit to NC - sure do wish Ashleigh was there to join in our festivities (she is in Colorado)...but, she was there in spirit for sure!

We headed South (albiet a bir early!) and are now settled in Cedar Key for the winter.  I am now "work-camping" at the park 3 days a week.  I keep telling Dan it's to support my addiction!  (FABRIC!)   

Life is good!

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  1. Hope to meet you when we arrive before Thanksgiving at Cedar Key Resort!