Thursday, May 9, 2013

Spring Happenings!

A lot has happened since we left Cedar Key....

In late April, we left Cedar Key and headed to Buck Hall Recreation Area in McClellansville, SC to visit my sister Cathy and her husband Bruce. They live close by and we wanted to spend some time with them.  We also got to see my niece, Ciara.  This was our first time staying at Buck Hall and we really enjoyed our stay.  I especially enjoyed the close proximity of the intercoastal waterway.  It sure was a sight to see all of the boats and barges floating by!

Dan, Cathy, and I spent part of one day "mountain" biking some of the Palmetto Trail. It's a good thing I didn't bring my camera because I could not have handled taking pictures while pedaling!  We went thru standing water, over stumps, roots, and small trees, pedaled through sand and pine straw all while dodging branches in our path!  It was a tiring, but fun 10 mile ride.

We shared several meals with them as well and had a toast compliments of Dot and Charlie.
On Sunday, we drove into Mt. Pleasant to attend the Blessing of the Fleet.  This is an annual festival to honor and support the local shrimpers and fisherman and wish them a safe and prosperous season.

Shrimp boats in the harbor

Bruce, Cathy, and Ciara

Bruce, Cathy, Tricia, and Dan

We also explored Shem Creek as Cathy and I want to return there and try our hand at paddle-boarding next time we are together!  Dan and I had to get our picture with "Pete" the pelican....

Unfortunately, Pete is a display made entirely of trash that was found in Shem Creek.  It really opens your eyes as to what trash can do to our waterways.

We had a great time visiting Cathy and Bruce and know we will see them again soon.

From South Carolina, we headed north to our "home" base in NC.....Korky's Campground.  We arrived just in time to celebrate her birthday!
Kork and Dan 
Can't resist funny faces! 

We also had more birthdays to celebrate!
Ashleigh, Brandon, and Amanda
We had a mexican fiesta celebration for Ashleigh and Amanda!  Chicken tacos with all the trimmings including homemade pico de gallo, guacemole, and Aunt Barbie's bean dip.  And, to top it off, fruit pizza for dessert!

A few days later, it was time to celebrate Brandon's birthday.  Chicken alfredo lasagna with artichokes, mushrooms, and fresh spinach!  His dessert was homemade chocolate mousse with an array of ice cream!

We've also been staying quite busy with routine doctor appointments (me!), getting new glasses (Dan!) and  researching and picking up supplies for a project Dan has up his sleeve :-)  We've got about a week left in NC before we start our trek north.  :-)

Life is good!!


  1. All that talk about great birthday food is making me hungry! :)
    Have a wonderful time in NC, safe travels north and see you soon!

  2. I wondered where you'd been and now I can see....busy, busy, busy. You guys must have serious moutain bikes for that ride you described. Mine would never handle that. Safe travels and many more birthdays with great food to celebrate.

  3. Dan doing another project... doesn't surprise me. Great time with friends and family. Another trashy pelican other than Gin. :-)

  4. You guys have been very busy! Safe travels up north :)

  5. Glad to hear from you two and know you are having fun!! I believe the northern migration is in full swing;o)) Won't be long til we see you again:o))

  6. Looks like a great time with your family and friends! Enjoy your travels!