Friday, April 11, 2014

Busy, Busy, Busy!!

Wow - where has the time gone?  We have had such a busy winter/spring that keeping up with the blog has fallen to the wayside!  What have we been doing?

Exercise class 5x week
Visit from Dan’s brother, Tim
Weekly Bingo
Stained Glass
Craft projects
End of the Season party
Meals with friends
Visit from friends (Sherry and David and Gail and Rick)
Dakotah Wniery
Cards with friends
Campfires at Pelican Place
Visit to friend Dave and June’s
Checking on the owls and eagles in Cedar Key

Plus all the usual and mundane chores of living!  You know, laundry, cleaning, fixing things, polishing the rig, maintenance on the rig/truck/scooter, etc etc etc.

Rod being goofy and Cindy - Hillbilly Bingo

Gin and I with our bunny lollipops!

Shannon and Cici at Grab Bag Bingo

Deb, Maggie, Tammy, Syl, Jacques, Gin, Vel, and Cliff playing cards

Wood ducks at Dakotah Winery

Diane, Maggie, Vel, Rick and Gail at Dakotay Winery

"Tricia" (on left) and her new calf - Dave and June's farm

Dan, Syl, and Sherry biking in Cedar Key

David biking in Cedar Key

The eaglets have grown soooo much!  

Tina and I presenting Maggie and Vel a surprise from all of their friends!

Gin and Syl's new afghan crocheted by me!  

My big winter project - stained glass window for our RV door!

We’ve said “see ya down the road” to many of our friends.  Some left to go back home up north and others have left to go explore more of this great country of ours.  We know that we will see almost all of them at some point next winter!

We only have a few more days in Florida before we start our trek north.  We are both getting a case of “hitch-itch” and ready to see new scenery!


  1. Soon you'll be adding Hiking to that Busy, Busy, Busy List;o)) Can't wait!!!

    Safe Travels......

  2. Love how the stained glass turned out...beautiful!

  3. It has been a busy winter/spring. Lots of fun and doing what we do best... piddling!

  4. You are quite the artist with that beautiful afghan and stained glass. Busy is right that's clear from this post.

  5. The stain glass is beautiful. Looks like you've been having fun, fun, fun!!

  6. Beautiful stained glass window. What a talent.