Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Fun in June!

Sunset at the farm
These past few weeks at the farm have flown by! Dan has had quite a few projects with the truck...
Dan working on the truck
He is also working on rig maintenance...just like a house, there is always something to do!  He's also been helping his Mom with a few maintenance chores, too.

We've really enjoyed catching up with family and friends.....
Dan's nephew, Hunter, playing ball

Dan's grand nephews...Hunter, Caden, Landon, Donovan
Enjoying a picnic at Tim and Ann's house
Doug and Colleen's dog, Abby.  Such a cutie!
Emma and Nate
Four generations....Tim, Pauline, Sarah, Landon, and Caden
My brother's family was on vacation about two hours from us so we took the opportunity to go see them.  It was a surprise for my nephew, Nick and niece, Samantha. I am glad we were able to pull off the surprise! Sammie was sooooo excited she about plowed me down!  :-)  We spent the day kayaking, enjoying a 4 person pedal boat (and managed to change passengers 4 times in the middle of the lake!), swimming, and just plain having fun.
Patrick paddling away

Nick enjoying the water

We may be older, but we still act like kids!!
Nick, Paul , and Patrick.  Paul, Patrick's father-in-law is attempting to push him in the water!  

Enjoying the playground with Sammie, Patrick and Nick (Patrick and Nick not pictured)
Patrick and Jenny
Nick and I
We all screamed for ice cream!
The day went by much too quickly but we so enjoyed our time together.

We have seen quite a few bears at the farm!  I think our count is up to 5 or 6 but I was not able to get pictures of all of them

Walking across the front yard....

On the hill behind the rig.....
They must be extra active this year!  We have even seen the game warden set traps.

Our friend Doug was on "calf" watch for us.  His family owns a working dairy farm and he had told me that they had a couple of cows that were due to give birth while we were here.  He wanted to know how late (10pm!) and how early (6am!) he could call to let me know that one was it's way.  Last Sunday night about 7:45, we got the call.  We rushed over and did not have to wait too long.   It was an amazing experience to see.  I had decided in advance I wasn't going to take my camera because I wanted to take it all in and not fuss with a camera.  Hopefully I will get another call before we leave and, this time, I will take my camera. Thanks Doug for understanding (or not!) my craziness!  

Our time is winding down and we have a few more things planned with the family.  It sure has been a busy month!

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  1. Glad you are having some good Family Time!! The bears are BIG!!! Now we want some calf photos:o))