Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Half and Half

We spent the first half of December in Cedar Key and the last half (minus 2 days) in North Carolina. Needless to say, it was a VERY busy month.

The first two weeks of December were filled with lots of fun leisure activities.  We enjoyed boating, bike riding, learning to sew (me!), and hanging out with friends.
Withlachoochee River

Love those lily pads and trees with moss

Rainbow River - my favorite!

Very serene

On December 12th, we took the truck and headed to NC.  We were going back for a few reasons....1) to see my best friend's son graduate from college 2), to spend Christmas with family and friends, and 3) to bring our camper down to Florida (not to be confused with our home!!).  Unfortunately, I caught a bad cold the day we were headed to NC and didn't get to attend graduation the next day.  The rest of the time we were in NC was jam packed with lots of fun things.  The weather was a bit cranky but we were snug as a bug in a rug in the camper.

We are very fortunate to have a great camping spot at Korky's campground.

When we are in NC, there are a few places I like to go.  I usually get my Bojangles fix, stock up on spices at a little shop in North Raleigh, and get a pastry (or two) at Main Street Market and Grille in Wake Forest.  I got a text from my son early one morning that said "special delivery in 10 minutes".  I love surprises and wondered what it could be.

Hmmmm what could be in that little white bag?

Raspberry beignets, coconut cream, apple fritter, NY cheesecake and cinnamon twist
I had a sugar buzz for days!!  Thanks son!

Ashleigh, Amanda, her mom Brenda, and I spent one afternoon making Christmas cookies.
Ashleigh and Brandon - there is more than one way to crush candy canes!

Brenda and Amanda

What a face! 

We made hundreds of cookies!
I also got to volunteer in my DIL's classroom one afternoon.  She teaches 4th grade and is a wonderful teacher (not that I am biased or anything!). In fact, she was voted "Teacher of the Year" for her school this year.  I am so very proud of her.

Ashleigh and I had a couple of  "girl's time out".  I taught her how to crochet an infinity scarf, we went shopping and out to lunch and we got to watch the Survivor finale together.

We spent time with our friend Kork and her parents Sara and Don.  Not sure how I managed not to get any pictures but I guess we were too busy having fun!  I also went to a Christmas Cantata with my friend Linda, her dad, and her son Austin.  It was a beautiful program and afterwards, Linda and I went on a Christmas light tour.  We even saw Santa Claus!

The "kids" came over on the 23rd to celebrate Christmas.  
Ashleigh, Brandon, and Amanda 

Brandon has a a sweet tooth like his Mom!

Ashleigh is a wonderful photographer and got notecards made our of her pictures.

Yay!  I finally finished this afghan for Brandon and Amanda!
We had a great time and ended the evening by going to the Christmas service held by Brandon and Amanda's church.

We were invited to spend Christmas Eve with my friend Linda and her family.  Their tradition is for the ladies to wear the jammies; the men wear a white t-shirt and whatever bottoms they want (jammies, lounging pants, jeans, etc.)
Besties for 27 years!  Here's to another 27 Linna!

It's a Trish sammie!  Trisha, Ruh-Ruh and Tricia!

Glenn and Linda - brother and sister
Trisha and Austin (one of Linda's sons)
Linda's Dad, Donnie.  King of the castle!

Linda and Jeff (another son!)
We had a blast and are so glad that we were able to join in the festivities!

Linda always puts on a huge breakfast for Christmas morning and it was another great time!  I hugged my bestie bye as I won't see her again until the Spring.

Brandon and Amanda invited us over for Christimas dinner.
Nothing says Christmas like guns and machetes!

Amanda, Brandon and their 24 lb turkey (for 7 people!) 

Yummy food

Me, Ashleigh, Amanda, Brenda

What in the world?  Dan, Brandon, and John

I think they have lost their Christmas joy!

Just kidding!!

The day after Christmas, we left to head to my parents house on the coast.  We usually stay at Cedar Point Campground but it is closed due to renovations.  Since we were in the camper, we knew we would fit in my parents front yard...so we did!

The weekend was filled with the usual laughter and chaos!!
Still having to use weapons to get us under control!  lol

My sweet Mom!

I love cake!

Forrest and Barbara helping with yardwork! 

Brandon was in charge of the burn pile!  

Amanda was in charge of weeding!

Dad adn I

Dad and Mom

DIL, daughter, and son
A little outdoor fun!

Nice day for an afternoon walk

Dan watching Bruce harvest mistletoe.  Yes, Bruce is in the tree.

My daughter Ashleigh also had a big announcement to make to the family.  After she graduates from college in May, she is moving out to Colorado to be a back-packing guide for a Christian youth camp. She will be hiking in the Rockies and get paid!  How awesome is that?   I have known since October but had to keep mum for a few months as she wanted to surprise everyone.  I am so very proud of her!!  Congratulations daughter!

We left North Carolina in time to arrive in Cedar Key for New Year's Eve.  That will have to be the next post!!


  1. Wow! What a great time you had with friends and family. Awesome news about your daughter. That is a great opportunity. Enjoy your time at Cedar Key!

  2. WHEW............... I am exhausted:o)) What a great December and now I guess you will need January to rest up. I know I would;o)) Hope to see you this winter, but if not....just 6 MONTHS til MAINE!!!!

  3. Wow, how nice to have so much family time! And I agree, what a great job your daughter will have in CO!

  4. Time to relax a bit after all that great active time with family and friends.