Monday, April 13, 2015

Winding down

We are winding down our time in Cedar Key.  It's funny that we are very content here and stay so busy but the minute we set a departure date, we both get hitch itch quite bad!

We recently set out to Ocala to go on the Silver River.  We packed up and headed out with Gin, Syl, Maggie and Vel.  Dan rigged a thinga-ma-bob on our Gheenoe to tow Maggie and Vel's kayaks up the river so that they wouldn't have to paddle 5+ miles to the head springs.

Vel, Dan, and Maggie 
It was a gorgeous day to be on the water and we meandered up stream.

We came across this road block on the river...

and played limbo!
We were in search of the monkeys that can frequently be seen on the banks of the river.  We had seen them the first time we paddled the river back in 2012.  They were a little bit elusive this time but we did manage to see them twice...once up river and the second time when we were headed down river.

Monkey in the tree 
Monkey back :)
The springs were gorgeous.  The water was so crystal clear and we spent quite some time puttering around enjoying the beautiful water.

We floated back (for the most part!) and took in the scenery....
Dragonflies landed on us!
Heron's nest with babies - a first for us! 

Heron babies being fed
It was a great day to be on the water with friends!

Dan and I took the boat out in the Gulf the next nice day we had.  We wanted to find an island to relax and chill.  Here's what we found....

as an added bonus, this guy stood watch over us!


It was another gorgeous day in Cedar Key!

We have also been keeping an eye on the Great Horned Owl's nest in town...
So pretty

That little ball of fuzz to the left of the owl is an owlet!
I've been sewing like crazy and have made quite a few projects this winter.  I can't show pictures of most items as they are gifts.  But, I can show off this....I volunteered to help make a quilt for Hospice. 

It's not exactly the colors I would have chosen but the fabric was donated and am quite sure that whoever receives it will appreciate it.  I free-motion quilted stars in each block.  This was my first attempt at this type of quilting (I just learned how to sew in December!) and need more practice but am glad I was able to help out. Many thanks to Bunny for binding it!

We had our last after-dinner walk (well at least for this season!) in Cedar Key the other night and took a few pictures to look back on when I miss it!
Looking past the beach in town


We had a great winter in Cedar Key but we are ready to roll and are looking forward to our summer travels!


  1. I am impressed with your sewing!! Travel safe and look forward to seeing you in a few weeks!

  2. Love the Silver River and that island looked wonderful!!! Yep, we are ready to get rolling, but need to sit still for a few more weeks. See you REAL soon:o)))

  3. Ahh! Serenity! ... that is , if the noseeums aren't active. Safe travels. We'll see ya down the road.

  4. The head springs at Silver River is one of our favorite springs. Love the clear blue water.

  5. The water color is gorgeous and so is your quilt. Looking forward to seeing you when you get to the Carolinas. xoxo

  6. Gorgeous pictures! Can't wait to experience your slice of paradise in October!