Thursday, August 25, 2016

Life is GREAT!!

Our friends Shelly and Bob winter with us in Cedar Key.  Shelly’s birthday is in August and she really didn’t want to have a birthday party so instead, they threw a “Life is Great” party and invited 150 of their closest friends!

We spent 2 nights at Shelly and Bob’s “Go Away” Campground before moving to a nearby forest preserve.
Go Away Campground!

Our "home" for 2 nights   
Love their front porch

The main part of the house and barn are over 100 years old!

Shelly and Bob are very gracious hosts and we had a blast exploring with them and helping them prepare for the party.

Bob took us on several excursions showing us his farm equipment, farms, buildings, etc. as well as points of interest around the area.  He has A LOT of tractors!!

Bob enjoyed talking to Dan about his old tractors

I enjoyed seeing the horse barn

Old tack room
Playing in the cornfields - LOVE this picture

Dan on an old lawnmower

Antique hog oiler

Dan in the farm truck
Statue of Blackhawk - over 48 ft fall

and up close

Mama and her baby

Gin, Syl, Shelly and I went to Rockford one afternoon to run a few errands.   Of course we did not behave ourselves….
Goofy Gin

Silly Syl

Shelly, Gin and I monkeying around...Rockford is home of the Sock Monkey!
A lot of our friends from Cedar Key were coming to the party…
Rod, Ronnie, Bob and Mike

Glenda, Shelly, me, Jeannie, Syl and Gin
Shelly loves to have fun!  She wanted Syl and I to get people to “check-in” at the party by playing a game called Pie Face…it was like Russian roulette as you  never knew if you would get whipped cream in your face.

Gin (and Syl in the background)



There was even a 94 year old lady that did it.  And, of course, she got whipped cream in her face. She was such a good sport and said “you only live once”!
All dressed up!

Vel, Maggie, Tammy, and Rod

Bob, Beth and her sister
It was a wonderful party with tons of yummy food and drinks, good friends, music, dancing and tons of laughing.

 A few days after the party, Shelly and I along with 6 of her friends went on a road trip.  Shelly called us “Ladies on the Loose”.  We were head to Hamilton, Missouri…home of Missouri Star Quilt Company.
Crossing over the mighty Mississippi

Yep - we were being tourists!
We stopped at Amana Colonies in Iowa along the way…it was a neat little area and you could still see the German influence.

The flowers were amazing…

I had a number of “firsts” on the trip…first time in Iowa and Missouri, first time seeing a crop-duster and first time seeing an upside down rainbow!
                  Scientific name "circumzenithal arc" 

Corn is BIG business - corn processing plant
Whohoo - Quilting Mecca!!

Love the murals

Hamilton, MO is also the boyhood home of JC Penney!
As a bonus, we got a “behind the scenes” tour of Missouri Star Quilt Company.  It was pretty darn neat!
Look at all those bolts of fabric

precuts - ohlala!

Customers quilts waiting to be quilted

Long arm quilting machine

Ladies on the loose
This says it all!

Yep - life is indeed GREAT!!


  1. Yep... Life is Great!!
    It was truly a great week or so with our winter friends during the summer. Love the saying in your last picture.

  2. I agree -life is great if a bit silly at times:)

  3. What a wonderful party with great friends!!! Love your FRIENDS plaque...let's add ALWAYS MISSED:o)))

  4. Love seeing the pictures from Missouri Star Quilt Company!