Thursday, January 24, 2013

The Magic of Disney

And what memories they are! We had a great time with friends Gin, Syl, Nancy, Bill, Laura, and Bruce.

Gin, Dan, Bruce, Nancy, Laura (hiding behind Syl!) and Bill
Mickey and Minnie topiaries
This was our first time staying at Disney's campground, Ft Wilderness, and we really enjoyed exploring.  It's a great place to ride bikes and we did that every day.  We even went swimming in one of the pools one afternoon!  It was very relaxing after the craziness of the Magic Kingdom and Epcot!

The eight of us acted like big kids most of the time and there were tons of non-stop laughs.
Nancy and Bill are oh so happy to be at the Magic Kingdom!

Laura is all smiles!

Bruce, Gin, and Syl enjoying themselves!
We all wanted to "drive" the of us even got yelllow flagged for doing an unsafe maneuver!
Dan and Bruce looking back! Shouldn't they be looking forward?!



Bruce with Gin right behind!

Of course, we had to "taste" our way through the Magic Kingdom!
Chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwhich

Dan, Bill, Syl and Gin with Mickey Mouse pretzels.  Delicious!

We had a grand time watching the parades.  It was Bruce's birthday and he sure did get a lot of attention with the birthday button he was wearing.  He got so many birthday wishes, high fives and I saw so many kisses blown his way!
Yes, dreams do come true!

Minnie sure is cute!
Mary Poppins
Alice in Wonderland - this one is for you, Bill!
Pinochio and Jiminy Cricket
The electric parade was equally awesome!  We actually got to see it twice...once with thousands of our closest friends (ha!) and the second time with much smaller crowds!

Bill and Syl to the left....Gin and I wearing our AWESOME mouse ears!
The electric parade has beautiful lights and sounds
One of the Seven Dwarfs

Is this Pete the Dragon of Puff the Magic Dragon?  ;-)
The fireworks at the Magic Kingdom are an amazing sight to see.  Right before the fireworks start, the castle is lit up in various colors and scenes with music playing.  
Walt and Mickey Mouse in front of the castle!
What a magical night!!
Lights and fireworks!
We had a fantastic day at the Magic Kingdom and headed home to get some rest!  We were going to have a busy few days ahead of us!

Nancy and Bill headed home hand in hand


  1. Awesome! It looks like a huge success! The smiles said it all :)

  2. Fun! Never been to Disney with grown-up friends.....just children and grandchildren....might have to give it a try! Everyone sure looks like they are having a great time!

  3. Looks like y'all had tons of fun at Disney - did you happen to get on my favorite ride of all - Mr. Toad's Wild Ride(if it's still there that is) I remember Ted Nodell telling me about it so I rode it the first time I went to Disney with Barbara & loved it!

  4. What a fantastic time you must have had. It looks a lot different than when we all went there together. I see you really ate healthy? there, but that's the joy of Disney. Enjoy the warm weather, I'm wondering if spring will ever get here---I have one daffodil blooming---it's so mixed up with 70's one day & 40's the next. Keep having fun.

  5. You guys all are having so much fun! I can only imagine the laughing and hilarity :)

  6. What great memories. The laughing was the best part!!

  7. OK, how did we missed this post?? Great photos and Oh what a fun time we had!!!