Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Merry Christmas!! and, a Happy Birthday!!

No, I haven't gone crazy!!  We celebrated Christmas a tad bit early this year.....September 21st!  We won't be in NC for the holidays so decided to celebrate it when we were!  We had a great time....I decorated the rig a bit and made a traditional Christmas dinner.  We opened presents and played Bananagrams.

What is that smile for?  2 lbs of Chocolate Covered Blueberries from Maine!

Mittens with a twist for Amanda

Distressed night stand for Ashleigh
Clever way to disguise a Home Depot Gift Card?  Ninja Turtle pencils on the front; gift card on the back!

Hand knitted scarves for Amanda

Ashleigh showing off her homemade afghan (or Ashghan as I call it!) with her brother.

Me and "the kids"
We also celebrated Dan's birthday with Kork, her parents, and Brandon.  Dan wanted a low key birthday and that's what he got!  We enjoyed a nice home cooked meal at Don and Sara's (Kork's parents) house.
Kork and Dan

Birthday pie!

Kork, Don, Sara, me, and Dan

Brandon, Me, and the birthday guy


  1. Merry Christmas to All and to Dan a Belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

  2. Happy Birthday All! I love birthday pie :)

  3. How fun! Tell Dan a belated Happy Birthday!