Monday, October 14, 2013

Visiting more family!

In late September, we left our NC "home" spot north of Raleigh and headed to the coast. My Mom knew that we were coming but we were going to surprise my Dad.  And surprise we did!  He was very excited to see us and even more excited when I gave him a big batch of Muddy Buddies.

We were also there to help my Mom with a flower garden she was making where they used to have an above ground pool.  She was the brains; we were the brawn!  :-)   We had to get busy quickly as we were only there for a day and a half.
Making the border

Spreading the dirt

Spreading dirt and rock

Ready for planting!
My son and DIL are going to be helping with the planting in a few weeks.  I think Mom really likes her new garden area!  We left Mom and Dad's and headed just outside of Charleston, SC to visit with my sister Cathy and BIL Bruce.  We even got to see my niece, Ciara.  It was a weekend filled with laughter, fun, bike rides, boat rides, hikes, and just chilling!
Hanging out at the campground
Beautiful sunrise
We only caught one shrimp!  Utoh!  
Cathy, Capt Dan and Ciara

Four amigos!
I didn't take my camera with me but we had a wonderful bike ride - all 22 miles of it!  We went to Patriot's Point, Shem Creek, and pedaled thru I'on in Mt Pleasant.  It was a gorgeous day.  All too soon, our time ended and we had to say bye.  We had a great time visiting but it was time to head further south.

We have been in Cedar Key for about 2 weeks now and have been catching up with Cliff and Connie, Dave and Tina, Maggie and Vel and Rod and Tammy.  We've met a few new people as well.  We've put on tons of miles on our bikes and gotten into the groove of walking almost every morning.  It's good to be back here in our Florida "home base".


  1. Hope we get to see the garden once it is planted and will be gorgeous!! Lots of FUN in Charleston...great photo of the 4 Amigos:o)) See you soon!!!!!

  2. The flower garden is a good idea. Nice to provide the muscle. Fun times were had by all!

  3. What a great gift for you mom and a really neat idea on her part. I bet it will look really lovely. 22 miles on a bike - wow you guys are in great shape. Bet the weather is great in Cedar Key. Not so much here - rain rain and more rain.

  4. Nice family photos. I'm sure the parentals appreciated the manual labor. Maybe someday I'll get down to Cedar Key for a visit. xoxo

  5. Nice job on the garden! In less than a day and a half...Impressive!

    We are in Charleston now. Love it! Bruce and Kathy must really enjoy living in this area :)

  6. Love the pics & loved having you stop by even if I worked you two to death. I hope you are enjoying the Florida sunshine. We've seen very little of it since before our heavy rainstorm (6" in 2 days) which washed some of the dirt & grass seed around the pool. Just have to wait & see what grows.

  7. Looks like you had a great time in Charleston. The flower bed looks awesome!

  8. I hadn't seen your blog for a while since you ended the other one, so it's nice to see what you've been up to.