Saturday, August 9, 2014

A very "buggy" two weeks!

July 21-Aug 4

This past winter, while researching areas for our summer 2014 travels, I  came across Beacon Hill Campground in Intercourse, PA.  It is a small, adult only campground right across the street from an Amish farm.  I booked two weeks so that we had plenty of time to explore the area, taste the food, and have a few days to kick back.

It was a gorgeous area and I never tired of the sights (beautiful farms, horses, buggies, gorgeous flowers, colorful quilts), sounds (clip-clop of the horses), smells (yes, including the barn!) and tastes of Amish country (fresh corn, peaches, sausages, whoopee pies).

I took many, many pictures during our time there and will let them tell the story….


We even saw a few camel (yes, camesl!) but, were so shocked at seeing them, did not take their picture!

Amish transportation

Of course, we had to stop by Sturgis Pretzel and Wilbur Chocolates,

We left with a few bags of pretzels and some chocolate as well.  ;-)

We also had a chance to visit with fellow RV Dreamers, Neil and Nancy.  We drove to the campground that they are at and spent the afternoon catching up.  We grilled sausages for dinner but had to make a quick dash home due to cranky weather.

There were two nice rails-to-trails that I had my eye on and we took one day to pedal the Enola Low Grade Trail.  We packed up the bikes, a picnic lunch and set out.

There are several trailheads but, as the trail is still a work-in-progress, they are not all connected.  We chose to park at the Manor Township trailhead as this section appeared to be the most scenic as it paralleled the Susquehanna River.

We went geocaching while pedaling too!

And found some very, very cleverly made geocaches!

It was a great day with our framily!

We celebrated Gin’s birthday...

A new rule has been established where one gets to celebrate 1 day for every decade they are celebrating. Alrighty then!  Let’s just say we had a good, good couple of days!

Remember that Chocolate Lab wine we discovered in the Finger Lakes?  Well, they ship!
A litter of puppy pouches!
We enjoyed relaxing too.....

and watching the hot air balloons go by.... was a great two weeks in Amish country!


  1. What a wonderful trip, the scenery was outstanding & the Amish simple life makes me jealous. I can't wait to sample the chocolate lab wine.

  2. Loved the farm pics! Nothing like rolling hills.

  3. I just love the Amish Country... the buggies and the clip clop make me smile. You sure had a great visit hitting all the important spots.

    Not sure I could do a day per decade celebration each year... you guys are a riot:o)) Party hardy and keep having fun!!!

  4. The farmland around there really is the main attraction to me. Beautiful rolling hills. It was nice to be in an adult only park for a change. Those puppy pouches are a hoot (howling good time!)

  5. I can just taste Wilbur's triple chocolate almonds! Yum!

  6. Love the Lancaster area! Wilbur's Chocolate is the best!