Friday, August 29, 2014

Where did August go?

Time flies when you are having fun!  It seems like just yesterday we were at Stony Fork Campground (a Federal campground in the Jefferson National Forest) near Wytheville, VA.  We had grand plans to do some biking on the Virginia Creeper Trail and New River Trail.  We were also pleasantly surprised to see a great hiking trail…..Seven Sisters….that went thru the campground.  However, we were socked in for 5 days with rain, rain and even more rain. Although we weren’t able to do bike or hike due to the weather (yes, it was that rainy!), we were able to walk the campground trail (as well as the campground loop multiple times) in between showers…..
Our site

Is that a bear in the tree?  
 No, it was just a growth on a tree but it did make Dan, Syl, and I stop in our tracks.
The creek was full by the time we left!
We would definitely come back to the area as we really want to bike in this part of Virginia.

Normally we wouldn't have headed back to NC this early but we had a mission to be back in the area in time for my 50th birthday celebration.

We had quite a gang at “The Rock” at Fall’s Lake Rollingview Campground….
Taking over the campground!
The weekend was filled with laughter (and tons of it!), fun, food, friends, framily, and family!
My sisters Cathy and Barbara.
No we didn't plan to dress alike!  

My crazy BIL, Bruce (he belongs to Cathy).

Me and my fristers enjoying grilled pizza.
Birthday balloons!
Each morning, I would go to “The Rock” for my peaceful time…..sometimes I had it……

Other times, no so much!
Brandon, Amanda, Barbara, Cathy, Bruce (hidden) and Dan
Despite the hot temperature, some of us set out for a hike….
No, son, you shouldn't try to jump across the creek!
Bruce filming our adventures with his "Go Pro"
Our advertisement for Merrell hiking shoes!

Bruce, Cathy, Amanda, Barbara, Syl, Dan, Tricia, Brandon

Blue day - poor Cathy didn't get the memo!

Headed back to the campground
 This is never good to see in front of your site!

We almost had to call for bail money!  Just kidding!  We had an incident with the campers next to us (all underage girls) and had to get the ranger involved.  The ranger talked to the girls and said he put the fear of God in them.  We didn’t have any more issues the rest of the weekend…..although their actions prevented us from swimming at “The Rock” due to possible human pollution.  Ewwwwww.  ‘Nuff said.

It was great seeing both of my kids and my DIL
Brandon playing in Ashleigh's hammock.
Ashleigh enjoying kayaking

When she got too hot, she jumped in the water to cool off.
Ashleigh, Amanda, and Brandon
Brandon was excited to use his hatchet!

Brother and sister acting goofy.
A mother's love

DIL, Mom/MIL, Daughter
More fun and laughter…..
Hanging out


Wonder why Gin looks soooo guilty?

Group photo - Linda goosed me!
Ice cream cake!  Yum!

Kork and I

My frsters - Syl and Gin
Bruce performing his "special" dance for me. 

Linda and I...aka Thelma and Louise
Cathy on fire
It was a great weekend and a wonderful celebration!  Thank you all for everything that you did to make the weekend so much fun!!!!!  I appreciate it very much.

We are now back at our NC “home base” and have been keeping busy catching up with family and friends.
Brandon and I moved Ashleigh into her own apartment for her senior year at UNC-W.   Brandon and Amanda have joined us for dinner a few times.  Linda and I have had several girl’s nights out (and another beach trip is coming up!).  One afternoon, Kork and I helped Amanda get her classroom ready for the new school year.  We’ve also enjoyed several outings including one with her sweet, sweet mother.  My sister Elaine and I enjoyed shopping and lunch out one day.   Dan’s been working on several projects that keep him running from morning to night.  And, we managed to sneak in a surprise.  

Since we will not be with family or friends next month when Dan’s birthday rolls around, I had a surprise party for him one month early!  I made a big pan of lasagna (his favorite) and boston cream cake for dessert.
Boy - was he surprised!
Party favors for everyone!

Happy (early) Birthday, Dan!
Don and Sara (Kork's parents), Dan, Gin
Tricia, Kork, Amanda, Brandon, Syl

The evening's entertainment by Brandon....catching bugs with the zapper.
Amanda and Kork enjoying the swing. 

It’s been a fantastic month!


  1. What fun and a fabulous Birthday! Wish we could have been there to help you celebrate!

  2. WOW...what a wonderful month of celebration!!! It was great seeing everyone having so much fun :o)) Looks like we missed a fun time at THE ROCK!!!

  3. This month has flown by, but time really does fly when you have fun! I'm glad that we had the chance to celebrate with you and meet many of your close friends and family. Until next time...

  4. What fun! Lot's of birthdays going around.

  5. Hi Tricia, This is Robyn and Steven Roscoe. We met you when you had just began full timing. We met @ Lake Reidsville about 2 years ago. I have just started my Blog. Hope you will join us. Not sure if you Remember us, But I was impressed with you going full time that I have kept your info and now I have started my blog. It will be slow at first. But I think that it will be fun. Hope to run into you all again.