Wednesday, September 24, 2014

September Happenings

No matter how good my intent is to keep current on this blog, I am always behind!  We are just too busy living life and having fun!

A good part of September was spent catching up with family and friends.  We had one last “hoorah” at our NC home base before we started our fall travels.

I was ecstatic that my daughter, Ashleigh, could join in.  I didn’t think that I would get to see her again before Christmas.

Ashleigh, Brandon, and Amanda

Dan and Kork laughing it up

Fun times
We enjoyed a great dinner and laughed until we cried.  It was a fantastic evening.

I got to see my parents twice….once over Labor Day weekend by myself and then Dan and I went to Cedar Point Campground which is very close to their home.  It was a mix of work and fun. Dan helped with a few maintenance chores and I was tasked with a beautification project.  Mom had bought some more plants for her flower garden and I planted them for her, weeded, and trimmed.

But, it wasn’t all work.  We had plenty of time for fun.
Dad and Mom

Mom and I enjoying Chocolate Lab wine.
Mom and I had a girl’s day out in Swansboro and Morehead City.  It was great spending time just the two of us.  One day, Dan, Mom and I set out for Bear Island.  We caught the ferry at Hammocks Beach State Park.  It was a glorious day
View from the ferry landing at Hammocks Beach State Park

Dan, Mom, and I

I love, I mean love the beach!

Mom and I

Pelicans flying

Nice boardwalk and covered picnic areas

It was time for us to hitch up and head a bit further south.  We were going to spend time with my sister Cathy and her husband Bruce.  Unfortunately we couldn’t get into Buck Hall Recreation Area so we stayed at the Mt Pleasant KOA.  It s definitely not our first choice of campgrounds but it fit our purpose for this visit.

We always have such a good time with Cathy and Bruce and this visit was no exception.  We had to work around the weather but we didn’t let that stop us from having fun.  We were able to fit in a 15 mile bike ride on Daniel Island (no pictures as I didn’t bring my camera due to the imminent rain!), saw my niece Ciara and met her boyfriend Bryan, shopped for new Merrell’s for Dan, enjoyed one heckuva great meal out at Page’s Okra Grill, learned a new game called Molkky,  and spent the day boating.   Yes, we were bone tired after the weekend!  
Bruce and Cathy setting up Molkky
Molkky is a Finnish throwing game, similar to bowling, but with a dowel that you throw.   It’s a combination of skill and luck and quite addictive.
Dan's turn!
Dan and Bruce are already scheming on how to make the game pieces instead of buying it.

Sunday turned out to be a picture perfect day to be on the water.  We put the boat in at Remley’s Point on the Wando River.  We were on the water by 9:30.
Captain Bruce and his first mate, Cathy

Ravenel Bridge

We saw sooo many dolphins.  I don’t think that Cathy or I could ever tire of seeing them.

We stopped by an isand to eat lunch and play Molkky.  Dolphins were coming right up to where the waves were breaking.  It was very cool to watch.
Enjoying the day

Bruce casting for bait

Only catch of the day...a baby shark
Dan and I - Shem Creek

Clowning around and having fun

Sisters first; forever friends
When we were coming off of the water at 5:30, we saw two Bald Eagles flying.  A perfect way to end our day!  Our time with Cathy and Bruce ended way too soon.  But, we know we will see them in a few months!  Thanks guys for an awesome weekend!

Our next stop....Hunting Island State Park.


  1. Looks like you had a great time with your family. Beautiful day on the water.
    I thought I saw D-Goatee Bird in a couple of pics but it seemed a bit grayer than the last time I saw it take flight.

  2. As usual we enjoyed your visit, the shopping, the trip to Hammocks Beach State Park on Bear Island & all the hard work of the two of you. I finished the puppy & loved every drop of it. Can't wait to see you both at Christmas.

  3. Wow what a string of fun times. Just love your pictures. I've never been to Hammocks Beach SP but it looks absolutely gorgeous. Nothing better than a BEACH! Baby shark picture is too cute....both of them. You are heading to my very favorite S.C. Park. If they've dropped the price from $40 a night to something more reasonable, please let me know. I am longing to return but that price is way out of my budget.

  4. Bruce and I had an awesome time with you and Dan!

  5. Whew... You sure have been busy!!! Looks like so much fun;o) Hunting Island SP is a great place to just chill;o))

  6. Great times! Enjoy Hunting Island, one of our favorites!