Saturday, July 25, 2015

A new state for us....

In late June (yes, I am that behind in keeping the blog updated!), we left the farm and headed out to continue with our summer travels.  We were meeting friends Doug and Darlene at a rest area a few miles away and would then travel together to Travelers Woods of New England in Bernardston, MA. We would also meet up with Gin and Syl there.

We had a rainy but uneventful trip and got settled in at the campground without any issues.  It is a smaller campground, quiet in terms of campground noise but, unfortunately, is right near the interstate.  The road noise was a nuisance.  Oh well - we were only going to be there 3 nights as we were enroute to Maine.

We managed to fit a lot in 3 days!  We did a few touristy things and went to the flagship store of Yankee Candle.  I like candles but was really impressed with the landscaping of the complex!

We went to the Bridge of Flowers in Shelburne Falls….

Dan, Me, Gin, Syl, Darlene, and Doug

The bridge was originally used for trolleys.  However, it was abandoned at some point and in the 1920s, turned into the Bridge of Flowers.  It was a beautiful walk on the bridge and so many flowers were in bloom.  Several of them were ones I had not seen before and so very unique!  My Mother and sister Cathy would have absolutely loved seeing this in person.

Never a dull moment!

While we were in Shelburne Falls, we also went to see the Glacial Potholes.  The potholes are granite and made during the Glacial Age.  Their sizes range from 6 inches to 39 feet in diameter!  The 39 ft pothole is the largest in the world.

It was a pretty neat sight to see.

We found a really neat rail trail close by and decided to check it out one day.   The Norwottuck Trail is  a 20 mile round-trip ride that is newly paved.  We agreed that it is one, if not the best, rail trail we have been on.  The trail started off by crossing the Connecticut River.  It was one mighty long bridge!

Syl on the bridge

Love this picture!

Dan and I

Doug and Dan

This looked "moosey"!

Nice farmland
Doug and Darlene

Great bike path!
Now it was time to head further north!


  1. Enjoyed our time together there but I've never slept that close to an interstate before. Noisy!

  2. Beautiful flowers and nice bike trail. Keep having fun!!!

  3. Absolutely gorgeous flowers. I envy you seeing them up close. All of the scenery proves there is a God---no man could produce such majesty. Continue to enjoy your travels.