Friday, July 24, 2015

Fun at the farm!

I knew that once we left the farm in late June, I would get waaaaay behind in keeping the blog updated!

This year, we are splitting up our time at the farm spending a few weeks visiting before Maine and will then spend some time at the farm after Maine.    And boy were we busy!

We shared a few meals including a big rib/chicken smoke, a hotdog/hamburger cookout and a birthday celebration for Dan‘s Mom.
Doug C Dan (hidden), Timmy, Tim, and Doug E

Colleen, Pauline, Jessie, and Ann

We saw and played with great-nephews Hunter, Caden, Landon and Donovan.  


Donovan and Landon - they move to quick to get a good picture!
Dan helped his Mom with some projects she had on her “Sonny-do” list.  He also trimmed some of the apple trees in the orchard.  (This wood, as well as some cherry wood that our friend Doug gave him, has been cut, debarked and bagged to dry for future smoking endeavors!)  Doug also gave us a grand tour of the new animals at his family farm…..there were plenty of kittens, some cute little piglets (boy is Momma pig protective of her babies - just ask Dan!), some lambs (so cute - they ate out of my hand!), and of course the calves.  We ran errands, went rummage-saling (me; not Dan!), worked on quilt projects (again, me; not Dan!), and worked on a few projects for the RV.  Dan also did some rig maintenance including installing new shocks and  improved our site at the farm by adding some blocking to help with leveling.
Our site at the farm - love it!

We now have a new headboard….the old one was quite heavy and this one is quite light!
Easy to make!!
We also purchased some materials to make a backsplash for the cook top in our kitchen.  That will be a rainy day project.

We enjoyed goodies from Pauline’s garden and I managed to get 30 cups of rhubarb put up for future use.  I also made some rhubarb sauce.  She also has some great lettuces that were ready for the picking as well as some swiss chard.  Yum!

We saw some beautiful sunsets…..

And we had nightly visitors as well…..

I would go out each night around 9pm and see two red fox playing, jumping around catching bugs. One was very skittish of me and would run when he spotted me. The other would sit down and just stare at me.  They are so cute!  Sure hope they are around when we get back to the farm in mid-August.

It sure is a tranquil place to be!


  1. Great to spend time with family in such a peaceful place. That fox kit is so cute, but they will be long gone by now.

  2. Thanks for the update. Sunset was beautiful. Can't wait to see you both.

  3. Family time is "making memories" time!!! Love the young foxes:o))