Thursday, June 16, 2016

A little bit of mountain time!!

We had a leisurely drive to Warrior Creek Campground near Wilkesboro, NC.  The campground is located on the W Kerr Scott Reservoir and is a Corp of Engineer campground.

It was good to get back in the woods

Gin and Syl joined us and, despite rain every single day, we had a wonderful week catching up, hanging out, having fun, and chilling!

We went on a donut picnic!

Gorgeous views from atop the dam

We toured the dam

Hey Gin!
Mountain View Overlook
You know I love “back” pictures
Syl and Gin

And sometimes, you just have to be silly!

Or sweet!

We set out one day for Shiloh General Store.  We had been here before with Bruce, Laura, Gail and Rick and wanted to go again. We all ordered deli sandwiches for lunch and they were a BIG hit!  No pictures as we were too busy eating!  We left there and headed to Raffaldini Vineyards.  It is a gorgeous winery….and we spent time enjoying the gardens and scenery.

Gin, Syl and I did a wine-tasting and walked away with several bottles of “La Vita Dolce” (translated to “The Sweet Life”).  Yum!!

Syl and I set out on morning to see the frescoe paintings at two nearby Episcopal Churches.   Frescoes  are painted directly on concrete/plaster.  Water is used to “soften” blend the paint.   You can read more about these Ben Long frescoes here.  The churches themselves were amazing and the paintings (and stained glass) even more so.
Holy Trinity Church in Glendale Springs, NC
 "The Last Supper" frescoe

And a close-up

St Mary's Church in West Jefferson, NC
"The Mystery of Faith" frescoe

"Mary great with Child" frescoe

"John the Baptist" frescoe

Noah's Ark

St Cecelia
We also stopped by Ashe County Cheese and The Honey Hole and picked up some tasty treats!!

We ended the week with a picnic lunch and afternoon of playing Molkkey and Sequence!
No donuts this time!

Our view for the afternoon!

Having fun.....

playing Molkkey!!
Yes…I do believe it’s going to be a fun summer!


  1. Yes it was good to reconnect. There's something about the mountains. Shiloh deli sandwiches are goood.

  2. Love this area. One of our favorite places to go when we lived in the Carolina's.