Friday, June 10, 2016

Korky's Campground!

In my last post, I forgot to mention that my sister Cathy and I went on a home tour in the ‘Old Town” section of Mt Pleasant.  We sure did see some beautiful houses!
How awesome is this view? 
Such a quaint home 

I could spend HOURS on this porch! (if it was ours!) 
I also forgot to include pictures of two quilts I have finished…..

Our quilt and pillowcases

Ciara and Bryan's wedding quilt

We arrived at Korky’s Campground and hit the ground running as we arrived on  my daughter’s birthday.  We had a yummy dinner of quinoa/spinach/pinto bean tostados with fruit pizza for birthday “cake”.
Happy Birthday Ash!

A few days later, we celebrated my son’s birthday.  He was supposed to have a cookout at Falls Lake but the weather did not cooperate.  So….it was moved  indoors.  An added plus was that we got to meet Brandon and Amanda’s new kittens…..Olive and Maple.
Camping cake!

Birthday fun!

Amanda with Olive; I was holding Maple 
Brandon’s actual birthday was on Mother’s Day this year so we had a double celebration that day! Brandon, Amanda, Ashleigh and I enjoyed a wonderful lunch (and treats!!) at Whole Foods in Raleigh.
Camping cash and camo shorts

Brandon and Ashleigh

Brandon and Amanda

It was a great Mother's Day!
Afterwards, Ashleigh and I went to a few thrift stores but didn’t find anything that said “buy me”.

During our time at Korky's Campground, we spent quite a bit of time with Kork and her parents.   We have helped them with several house and  yard chores.  I also got to spend some time with my bestie, Linda.

Brandon and I took a road trip down to my parents house on the coast.  My sister Barbara joined us as well.  We were there to spend some time with them but also help with a few chores that needed to be tackled.
Enjoying lunch before working!

Brandon and his Pop-pop enjoying a chat
Mom and her flowers.  She has a wonderful green thumb!

Brandon LOVED tending the fire
Mom's circle of flowers!
Barbara and I had so much fun!
The rest of our time at Korky’s Campground hanging out with the kids and friends....and we got to "babysit" Maple and Olive.  That was fun!  Our time went by much too quickly and before we knew it, we were on our way to start our summer travels.

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  1. I hear that the manager of Korky's campground is a real hoot! :)