Thursday, July 11, 2013


Narrows Too
Trenton, ME
July 1-31, 2013

We arrived at our "home" for the month of July safe and sound.  For the past 10 days, I seem to say "amazing" on a regular basis.  :-)  The views are amazing, the smells are amazing, Maine is amazing!

View from our can see Cadillac Mountain when the fog isn't thick!
The day we arrived, we celebrated Syl's birthday.
Dinner out at a lobster pound!  Yum - lobster rolls!
Dan ordered a whole lobster!
Happy Birthday Syl!
Brownies and ice cream topped off the night!

The next day, Dan and I headed to the Visitor's Center at Acadia National Park.  We knew that we would be doing a lot of exploring in the park and needed to investigate which pass would be best for us.  We decided on the Inter-agency Annual Pass for $80.  That way, we can access all of the National Parks without paying an entrance fee.  It's usually good for a year but it worked out that the pass is good for 13 months.

Acadia National Park is the first national park east of the Mississippi.  It is located on Mount Desert (pronounced dessert!) Island in Maine.  There is much to do in the park including 125 miles of hiking trails and 45 miles of carriage roads.  These carriage roads were built between 1913 and 1940 and were used for horse drawn carriages.  Today, you can hike, bike or take a horse drawn carriage ride on these roads.  The day was gloomy, the temperature cool so off we went.
Cool streams were everywhere

One of the bridges on a carriage road
Upper Hadlock Pond
Lots of watefalls
Dan crossing one of the foot bridges
We knew we were going to be doing a lot of hiking in Acadia and some of these hikes are impromptu!  We set off one day with Bill, Nancy, and Syl.  We had taken advantage of the shuttle bus and, after awhile, the crowds were getting too thick.  We hopped off the shuttle and took in some of the scenery.
Sand Beach 
Yes, there were people swimming at Sand Beach.  The water temperature was about 50 degrees.  None of us opted to swim. ;-)

We set out on the Ocean Path trail and the views....AMAZING!!
Gotta love the rocky coastline of Maine

Just beautiful!

I'm as happy as can be when I am by the sea!
 From the path, you could walk out onto the rocks and get an even better view....
One could never tire of the views

Bill and I share a fear of heights so often we would hang a bit back!

The smells were of the trees and the sea. 

I think this is the day that Dan earned his new nickname - Billy Goat!  He is mighty agile on those rocks!

The day warmed up and we were rewarded with blue skies and sunshine!
Thunder Hole

Syl enjoying the view - a Sylville moment for sure!

Nancy and Bill - Happy Campers!
What a fantastic coastline

We saw rock climbers too!

More amazing views

Yep - we sure are enjoying ourselves in Maine!!


  1. I absolutely loved sitting on the rocky cliff by the sea. The views were amazing! Hope to do it again before we leave.

  2. Amazingly beautiful! It looks just like I imagined.

  3. Awesome! Miss you two!