Thursday, July 11, 2013

More hiking!!

July 5, 2013
Beech Mountain Hiking

Dan, Nancy, Bill, and Syl and I set out one morning on a hike.  We were going to hike some of the trails around the Beech Mountain area.  Just when I think that the views could not get any better, they do.  Maine is a very beautiful state!

Nancy and Dan reviewing our course!

Hiking sticks are very helpful as the terrain is most often very uneven.  There are many obstacles to overcome including rocks, roots, steps and navigating over granite rock surfaces (and occasionally fog but not on this particular hike).  You really have to pay attention to your footing and must look down for safety.  Every so often, you stop and take a look at your surroundings.

Taking a respite and checking the map again.
Happy hikers!!
We were rewarded with some fantastic sights at the top!

The trees smelled amazing!
 Over on top of the mountain, you can see a fire tower way off in the distance.....

and a closer look.
We are actually going to hike over there!  Off we go again....but shortly have to stop....

Bill and Dan need to push the butt-crack rock together!

Dan (aka Billy Goat) and Bill messing around

View of Long lake - we could see people swimming!

Dan, Nancy, and Syl checking out the view - Bill and I watching them from a safe distance!
Picking blueberries on the trail!
Dan enjoying the view!

Breath-taking scenery was all around us.
Sometimes you just have to take a selfie to prove you were there!
The inclines and descents are sometimes so hard to capture in a picture.  There are massive sheets of granite that you have to climb up/down.  The hike that we were doing was rated moderate to strenuous.
Bill and Nancy headed up to the fire tower

Syl getting close to the fire tower.

And closer yet!
 We finally made it to the fire tower!
Dan, Nancy, Syl, and Bill

We figured this was an excellent place to enjoy our picnic lunch so we all sat down on the granite and enjoyed our sammies...and the views!

The descent down the mountain went a bit quicker but, again, you had to watch your footing.  I think this is why I didn't get any pictures of us coming down the mountain.  We got back to the car and called it a day! What an absolutely great hike!


  1. It was a warm day but the air sure was clean. I love the views.

  2. One of the BEST hikes EVER!!! Just loved the scrambling and the views:o)) Can't wait to do more!!!

  3. You are so right. The views are "Amazing". So glad you are enjoying your adventure.

  4. Boy your selfies are way better than mine. This looks like SO much fun! Sure wish I could have been there. It was great to see you on the carriage roads but in my surprise I'm not sure I gave either of you a hug. Hope to make up for that before we are all out of here.

  5. Looks like a great hike! What awesome views!

  6. With all of the amazing views & your ability to capture them so beautifully, I think you'd make a great location scout for The Amazing Race - just saying;-) Enjoy the sunshine up there because we're still getting rained on just about every day here in Raleigh (according to WRAL we had close to 11" of rain during June & it's rained almost every day in July so far, although this month's rains haven't been nearly as severe but they did have to close down parts of I-40 in Johnston County yesterday because water was covering the road). XOXO!