Thursday, September 22, 2016

Family Fun in PA

We arrived at the farm and hit the ground running!  Dan had a welding project to work on , I had a few sewing projects I needed to work on, and we had plenty of fun family time including a wedding!
 Beautiful wine country in the Finger Lakes

Emma and her bridesmaids

Ann, Colleen and I

I enjoyed spending time with Dan’s great nephews (and Emma, too!).
Landon, Emma, and Donovan
 We celebrated Doug's birthday

and Hunter's too!

Dan and Timmy playing with the trucks
We saw a first for us….
No bear this time but a coyote!
I finished one of my sewing projects....
Emma and Nate's wedding quilt

Pauline and Dan
Dan and I

Doug and Colleen

Where Emma and Nate got married - Church of the Redeemer - Sayre, PA
Timmy escorting his Grandma down the aisle

The preacher, Nate and his groomsmen

Dan's great nephews...Hunter, Donovan, Landon and Caden.  The sign says "Here comes Aunt Emma".

The beautiful bride and her father
Colleen reading the Irish Blessing

After the wedding, we all went to the Shoresbrook Inn for the reception.  It was a great evening of celebrating!  Lots of food, drink, music, and dancing.
Ann and I
Dan, Pauline and Colleen

Tim and Ann 

First dance

Father/Daughter dance
The Inn is also where the bride and her bridesmaids got dressed that day.  There was a beautiful bathroom complete with a clawfoot tub.  Being the clowns that we are, we had to have some fun with that tub…

Tub time

Feet are BLACK from dancing barefoot!
One of Dan's great nephews took this picture -  I liked it with the night sky.

After the wedding, we stayed at the farm about another week and then started our trek south.  We were stopping in Lynchburg, VA to see Ashleigh.  :-)


  1. Special times with the family!! Lots of memories being made:o))

  2. Nice looking young couple. The older ones are nice looking too. :)