Saturday, September 24, 2016

Lots of fun in Lynchburg

Ashleigh moved to Lynchburg, VA over the summer and stopped by to see her on our way to NC.  We stayed at the KOA northwest of Lynchburg.   The campground is close to the Blue Ridge Parkway and hiking trails (a plus!) but, unless you opt for a full hook-up site, is not really big rig friendly (a minus!).

We spent part of our time hiking, part of our time being tourists in Lynchburg, and part of our time chilling at the RV.  Ashleigh has a cute apartment right smack dab in downtown Lynchburg…it is close to a really great trail (Blackwater Creek) and the farmer’s market.  We walked some of the trail and went to the farmer’s market to check out what they had.  We walked away with eggplant and donuts (what a combination!)  She gave us a car tour of Liberty University (her new employer) and took us to a great used bookstore.  I had scoped out a few hiking trails for us and we were able to hike together twice.  Another time, Dan and I hiked by ourselves while Ashleigh worked.

I was pleased as punch that we were able to hike a very small part of the AT.  Our friend Jerry is currently hiking the AT and at last count, had less than 150 miles to go.
Thumbs up for the AT

Foggy day in the mountains
After the fog lifted, we had some beautiful views

A trickle of a waterfall

Fall was in the area but flowers were still in bloom
Happy hiker

James River Foot Bridge

There she goes!

And here comes Dan

It was good to be in the woods - James River Face Wilderness/AT
The trail followed the James River for about a mile and then went deep into the woods.  Our stopping point for lunch was Matt’s Creek Shelter.
Yep - this is it

We checked the shelter log book for our friend Jerry’s entry.  He came thru the area in early June…the log book in the shelter was from late June.  Oh well - it was very interesting reading the different entries.  One girl had hiked 26.3 miles and was debating on whether she was going to go to the next shelter…another 8+ miles.  Geesh - that’s a lot of miles!

Happy Fall Ya'll!

You know I love "back" pictures
We met a handful of people on the trail..most looked like day hikers but one looked like a southbound thru hiker.

Ash and I
It was a great day on the trail and we all took naps that afternoon.  We enjoyed one last dinner together and then Ashleigh headed back to her apartment.  We left the next day and drove to Korky’s Campground - our home base in NC.


  1. Good to see Ashleigh in her new town. Love being close to the AT. Y'all looked right at home on the trail. Twenty-six miles. I can't imagine hiking that far in 2 days, much less one.

  2. I agree with look so happy and right at home with Ashleigh on the AT:o)) Sure looks like a great place for Ashleigh to call home. You and Dan travel safely and hope to see you this winter!!!

  3. So much fun to read about your time in Lynchburg!:)