Sunday, August 18, 2013

Hiking Little Moose Mountain

Our time at Moosehead Lake was coming to an end.  We knew we wanted to get in one more hike and set out one day with friends Rod and Tammy.  Rod and Tammy were new to hiking so we wanted to pick out a hike that we all could do.  Out of all the research that we did, Little Moose Mountain was termed "easy to moderate (emphasis on easy) and a family hike".  There are several ponds offering great views.  So, off we go.
Dan (holding a space for me!), Rod, and Tammy

Down stone steps

And across plank boards
Big Moose Pond
After hiking to the other side of the pond, we decided to stop for lunch.  There was a sandy beach with plenty of dead logs for us to sit on.

We didn't see any real moose but did see this....
Dan with half moose antler!
We headed out again and the trail started taking on a different look.  I didn't have my hiking pole with me as this was supposed to be an EASY trail.  Well, long story short, it was anything but easy.  It was easy to Big Moose Pond and moderate to strenuous after that.  Rod and Tammy did not want to turn around...they wanted to forge ahead so that's what we did.  Rod, Dan, and I made it to the summit of Little Moose Mountain...Tammy stood guard below!
Big Moose Pond and Little Moose Pond

Rod and I at the lookout
Gorgeous scenery

Breathtaking views
We headed back down the mountain and saw some interesting sights.....
Indian Pipe mushrooms were everywhere

and so was moose poop!
There were some very neat, very primitive campsites along the pond....we stopped to take a look.
Tammy and Rod goofing around!
 We heard loons and went to see where they were...
Mama loon and her babies!

What a cool reflection on the pond!
It was a beautiful day for a hike!  All in all we did 6.5 miles of not-so-easy hiking!  

The next day, we were leaving the Moosehead Lake area and our friends Gin and Syl.  It's never "good-bye"...just "see ya down the road".  We know that good times are just around the corner.


  1. "Easy to moderate"... I guess it's all relative. Love the loon and yes, the moose was evidently there at some time. ;)

  2. Well at least you got to see moose! (Poop!) Nice hike, even if it was a surprise. Lovely views there.

  3. I think I'll need to look for a trail marked "easy to super easy"! I'll bet your friends were pooped after that one!