Sunday, August 4, 2013

Last hike at Acadia

July went by all too quickly!  The day before we were to leave, we went on our final hike.  I had my camera with me but really just wanted to take everything in.  Acadia National Park is a beautiful place and I wanted to capture memories sans camera.  I only took a few and here they are....

Sometimes it is hard to capture the change in elevation as we hike but this one of Nancy and David does the trick. 
Nancy, Bill, me, Sherry, and David at the summit of Pemetic 
View from the summit
At the summit of Pemetic Mountain


We sure did enjoy our month here and know that we will be back again!


  1. It's easy to have your head in the clouds there. Breathtaking beauty everywhere.

  2. What a wonderful month of was spectacular:o)) We sure do miss our camping buddies;o((

  3. This was a great hike! It was fun spending part of that month with you guys. Wish it had been more. See you next time or hopefully sooner.

  4. That month sure did go by quickly! It's obvious you enjoyed every minute...never saw anything other than a big grin on any of your faces :)