Monday, August 19, 2013


I admit....some states intrigue me more than others.  Vermont is a state that both Dan and I wanted to explore.  Our friends Mat and Marty live in central Vermont.  Last winter when we were in Cedar Key, they had invited us to their place for a few days.  We arrived and settled in for three days.

View from our rig at Mat and Marty's home
I love the old horse barns on their property!  Marty was a master gardener and their yard is amazing!
We would then move to a campground close to them for another week of exploring!

We sure didn't need to go far to do some exploring.  One morning, Mat, Dan and I set out across the street. Dan and Mat were quite intrigued with what we found.
A very old GMC truck
On Mat and Marty's property, there is a memorial for a B-17 that crashed in 1943.  Wow!

   Mat led us to the crash site.  There were only small remnants of the crash left.
Small pieces found by others visiting the crash site

Dan found these larger pieces in the woods nearby.
Mat had told us that several people had found things by scratching in the dirt.  We crouched down to see if we could find anything.  Wow - we found a bullet, two buttons from uniforms, a switch and a few other items we could not identify.

It was very fascinating to us.  The "official" word is that this plane crashed due to sabotage. However, local folks believe that it was pilot error.

While at Mat and Marty's, each afternoon, we would enjoy "nosh".  Marty got us hooked on this word which means "little snack".   We got to enjoy these views while "noshing"!!

Lovely views

So many hummingbirds

Dove and Purple Martin
Yellow Finch
One could never tire of the views 

Gorgeous sunsets

Cotton Candy skies with the moon
Yep - we love Vermont.  Thank you, Mat and Marty, for opening up your home to us.  We have had a wonderful, wonderful time.


  1. Looks like a beautiful area. Love the sunset. Sorry we missed time with Mat and Marty. The gardens look lovely.

  2. We loved Vermont as well. Next time, we'll plan to spend more time there. There doesn't seem to be a bad view anywhere in that state :)

  3. Very beautiful. Mat and Marty live on an oasis!

  4. Vermont is going on the list:o))

    Don't know how we will ever find enough time to visit all these beautiful places!!!

  5. Happy Birthday Tricia!!! Looks like your birthday got off to a wonderful early start with all of the spectacular scenery & historic artifacts you've uncovered. Enjoy your special day, sister - XOXO:-)

  6. Haven't been on your blog for a while but now I'm caught up. What a wonderful way to remember all your travels. The sights are fantastic, something you'll remember for years to come. Hope you have a great tome at the farm.
    Love you,