Sunday, August 4, 2013

More birthday celebrations!!

Yep - July sure was a busy month for birthday celebrations!   Since we weren't with Nancy on her birthday in June, we celebrated a month later!  I think we caught her off guard!
Time for cake!

Gin presenting Nancy with her very special gift!!
A "new to you" George Foreman grill complete with bun warmer!

Birthday girl and her lady pelicans!!
So glad that we were able to celebrate with you, Nancy....albeit a month late!

A few days later, we got together to share a very special birthday for Gin.  Although I think she knew something was up, we sure did surprise her.  Turning a half of century old calls for a grand celebration of life! On the morning of her birthday, we popped over to start her day off right.....

Bruce and Laura had sent a very special package for Gin....he "gifted" her his Disney birthday button and a balloon!
Birthday smiles!

Impish grin! :-)
We had another surprise for Gin....
Gin and her memory book!  

Later that day, we had a birthday dinner.  The weather was a bit cranky so we had to move the party indoors.
No party is complete with out party hats and blowers!

David and Pam in the food line

Birthday girl and me!

Syl is all smiles. 

Gin and Syl
 Happy Birthday to a special friend!  So, so glad we could celebrate (again!) with you!!


  1. All these summertime birthdays. Lots of reasons to celebrate life!

  2. Thanks to all the Pelicans for a nice surprise!! The entire month was one BIG celebration:o))

  3. Beautiful scenery & fun times galore. By the way Tricia, there is a cross next to you when hiking. Does that mean that someone didn't make it?
    love to you guys.

  4. Thanks for the pics of the b'day parties. It looks like a wonderful time!

  5. Thanks for the pictures! Wish we could have been there.